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Re: linux viavoice for emacspeak

"Robert J. Chassell" <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

> Jude <dashielljt@gmpexpress.net> wrote
>     Those [viavoice] files seem to have disappeared so far as I can
>     determine.  If that is the case, do other software speech
>     alternatives now exist to have emacspeak use a sound card?
> I got an English-speaking Emacspeak running on a laptop with an
> ordinary sound card.  First, I installed these Debian GNU/Linux
> packages from the `testing' distribution:
>     apt-get install flite      # Festival Lite, the text-to-speech synthesizer
>     apt-get install eflite     # The Emacspeak driver for Festival Lite
>     apt-get install emacspeak  # The Emacspeak acoustic desktop.  
>                                  The Debian `testing' is a version 15
>     apt-get install eflite-dev # The development Emacspeak driver,
>                                  which may not be necessary

Actually, you only need eflite and emacspeak.
eflite is staticly built with flite-dev, so you neither need flite-dev
nor do you need the flite package itself for eflite to work properly.

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