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Odd error message

Last night while working with a friend, we came across an odd error
message while running emacspeak and I would like to ask others to see
if they can reproduce it. 

While running under X, switch to the *scratch* buffer. 
Use the mouse to select one of the menu options at the top of the

Do you get an error message saying 

Line does not start with ";"

I also get this behavior in emacs-lisp-mode buffers. 

When I look in the *Messages* buffer, there is a message like

L [3 times]

I only noticed this because I was working with a sighted friend who
uses the menus at the top of the screen - I prefer to use the keyborad
for obvious reasons. The message only appears to occur in modes
dealing with list such as emacs lisp mode and interactive lisp mode. 

Would be interested in knowing if anyone else observes this or if it
is just something screwy in my configuration. 

Tim Cross					E-Mail: tcross@pobox.une.edu.au
Analyst/Programmer                               Phone: 6773 3210
Applications Group			        Mobile: 0412 969193
University of New England
find / -iname microsoft -exec rm -rf {} \;

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