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.gnus problem with emacspeak

Hi all,

I try to use Gnus with Emacspeak  in order to read my mails but I encounter
a big problem. since a long month I try to understand why my .gnus file
located in my HOME directory is not considered when I start Gnus. And this
morning after long researches I think it's a problem with Emacspeak. I
explain :
When I run Emacs without Emacspeak and start Gnus my .gnus file is
considered and all works well. But when I run Emacspeak it is not the case.
I see that I have nntp groups but in my .gnus I tell only to fetch mails ! 
I search for a solution : I found a emacspeak-gnus.el file in the lisp
directory but I don't know if I must modify something in this file or not
in order to solve the problem. I think some of you are using Gnus here with
Emacspeak and so perhaps have you ever had the problem and have you found
the solution ?
Thanks in advance for your help.


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