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Software Dectalk

I've been trying to get the software dectalk working on my debian
system. I have had partial success, but have not got it working. Does
anyone know what version of tcl the pre-compiled version of tcldtk.so
has been linked against? 

Here is what I've found

1. I can build the tcldtk.so without any problems. The version you now
   get from fonix comes with all the necessary include files.

2. Here is the really weird stuff. If I link against tcl8.3 or tcl8.2
   and use tcl8.0.4 shell, the speech server will work. However, if I
   try to run it with the same shell as the libraries it is linked
   against, it won't work. When it doesn't work, it appears not to be
   returning from the call to the TTS startup. I get the message
   "Calling TTS startup." and thats it. Nothing happens from that
   point and I have to kill all the processes with a killall form
   another terminal. I have no idea why using the version 8.0.4 tcl
   shell against tcldtk.so linked with either 8.2 or 8.3 works, but
   won't work when linked against 8.0 - very odd. 

3. If someone can let me know which version of tcl the pre-compiled
   tcldtk.so is linked against, I can give that version a
   go. Unfortunatley, ldd only gives libtcl.so.0, so I have no idea
   which version it is linked against. 


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