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Cepstral sdk

Title: Cepstral sdk

Here is some info concerning the Cepstral sdk.

Cepstral Theta 2.2 SDK
January 24th, 2003

New Features in 2.2:

  - SSML Support 
  - Faster (25% faster overall) 
  - Improved Voices (Emily and Frank) 
  - Command-line SAPI XML support (Windows only) 
  - Improved Lexicon and pronunciations 
  - Text Processing improvements (PoS, breaks, punctuation) 
  - Runs on Solaris 
  - Additional Documentation 
  - Installer improvements 

and Four new voices available seperately
  - Walter, Linda, Duncan, Robin

Copyright (C) Cepstral LLC 2003.  All rights reserved.

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