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dtk-soft and debian

Just thought I'd report to the list re: debian and the dtk-soft
driver. As Mario found last week, doing an upgrade to Debian unstable
does work. I now have both dtk-soft and outloud working on my Debian
system upgraded to unstable. 

I upgraded to unstable as a last resort. I tried rebuilding the
sources for tcl, tclx with the gcc 3.2 compiler under Debian testing,
but that didn't work and I still had the same problem. I'm almost
positive the problem is with the libc libraries and you must use the
later one in Debian unstable. 

It is possible Debian stable (woody) may work as well. I have a
recollection the libc libraries in testing are later than the ones in
woody. Has anyone tried running dtk-soft under woody? I'd prefer the
stable release over unstable as the unstable release is very bleeding
edge and as its name indicates is not very stable. I'm also running
oracle 8i and I don't think it will work properly under the unstable
distribution, but it does run under woody, so I'm either going to have
to downgrade to woody or move to SuSE. 


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