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Re: Where from to download ViaVoice outloud

Juraj Fedel <fedel@pobox.sk> writes:

> and was looking for ViaVoice outloud but failed. I spend several hours
> looking at IBM site but was only able to find ViaVoice TTS for Windows 
> and Mac but not for Linux.
It was used to be available from ftp://people.redhat.com/jlamb, but I just
checked, and it is no longer there.   I think this finally really means
it was pulled from the Net.


> Or is there available some other software speech synthesis engine to be used
> instead of ViaVoice TTS?

One avaiable solution, which is free is Festival Lite and eflite,
see http://eflite.sourceforge.net/.

Another possibility is the Commercial DECtalk Software engine with
the dtk-soft speech server.  This is available for $50 via online
order.  I'm just not sure if it works under Mandrake, since there were
some library incompatibilities with other distributions (debian) already.
Others might be able to give positive reports about Mandrake and dectalk


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