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Where from to download ViaVoice outloud

It use to be available at the RedHat site. sorry, not sure of the
exact url, but its been reported many times in this list and so should
be available in the archives. If its not there, you might be out of
luck as I'm not sure if anyone is allowed to distribute it anymore now
that IBM has removed support.

>>>>> "Juraj" == Juraj Fedel <fedel@pobox.sk> writes:

 Juraj> I am trying to instal emacspeak on my Mandrake 9 system. I
 Juraj> have downloaded emacspeak-17.0-1.src.rpm stdiom.tar.gz and was
 Juraj> looking for ViaVoice outloud but failed. I spend several hours
 Juraj> looking at IBM site but was only able to find ViaVoice TTS for
 Juraj> Windows and Mac but not for Linux.  Can somebody please tell
 Juraj> me where exactly are needed files. Better if it can be found
 Juraj> somewhere else than IBM website.  Or is there available some
 Juraj> other software speech synthesis engine to be used instead of
 Juraj> ViaVoice TTS?  As I really will have huge phone bill and no
 Juraj> time left at my ISP I would be gratefull for as specific
 Juraj> response as posible.  Thank You Juraj

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