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Installing Red hat, resources needed


Seing as the Slackware distribution doesn't seem to be supported by
Emacspeak something which is just as well as I don't have the latest version
anyway, I've decided to install Red Hat which finally finished downloading
about a half hour ago.  Admittedly, I haven't installed any Linux
distribution in a very long time -- the last one being Slackware about,
well, a few years ago at any rate.  At that time, I had two choices, either
use another computer connected via a serial cable as a dumb terminal and run
a setup.tty script, or attempt to use a Speakup kernel which, back then, was
still alpha.  Is there a text-based way to install Red hat version 8?  Since
I do have a Doubletalk LT synthesizer, would it be more prudent to attempt
to use Speakup assuming a boot disk for Red hat can be found?

I realize that this question is off topic, but am hoping that someone might
respond privately, if only to send me in the right direction.  Altimately,
after I get Red hat up and running, I really want to start learning about

I really apreciate any info/assistance anyone might be able to offer and
appologize for being a bit off topic.


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