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configuring speech-server for emacspeak

I am assuming you have been able to execute the "say" demo program
which comes with the software dectalk and you have compiled the tcldtk
shared library in the software-dtk directory. 

Have you followed the instructions in the emacspeak Makefile? In
particular the following section 

| # Assuming you're using dtk-exp: 
| # Check that the dtk-exp can be run by typing
| #    tcl <emacspeak-dir>/dtk-exp 
| # You should hear the Dectalk speak and get a TCL prompt if everything is okay.
| # Next, check that your serial port is working correctly, and that your stty 
| # settings are correct. You can do this by executing the following sequence 
| # of TCL commands in the TCL session you just started:
| #q {this is a test. }; d
| # should speak the text within the braces.
| #    s
| # The above command stops speech.

For the software dectalk, you would need the server "dtk-soft"
instead of "dtk-exp"

There is no specific instructions for setting up the software dectalk
and emacspeak as far as I know. However, the procedures for setting up
any of the emacspeak speech servers are all fairly similar and you
should be able to work it out.

If you can't get it to work, then you need to post more specific
details. In particular 

1. What have you set the various emacspeak related environment
   variables to (see the Makefile and info documentation for details).

2. What is in your .emacs file.

3. How are you starting emacspeak.

>>>>> "Alireza" == Alireza Darvishy <adiy@tiscalinet.ch> writes:

 Alireza> Hello, I could install Linux redhat, Dectalk RT for Linux on
 Alireza> my machine. I tryed to install emacspeak. By calling
 Alireza> emacspeak, the emacs comes without any speech output and an
 Alireza> error indicating that speech-server is not ready....  Than I
 Alireza> tryed to call speech-server, but I get the following
 Alireza> text-output: " calling tts startup..."  And than nothings
 Alireza> comes.

 Alireza> My questions: 1. Could somebody on this list tell me, what I
 Alireza> should check/configure in order to run the speech-server
 Alireza> alone and with emacspeak?  2. Is there any documentation for
 Alireza> configuring decktalk software, speech-server and emacspeak?

 Alireza> I really appreciate your help.  Thanks again in advance.

 Alireza> Alireza

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