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Emacspeak User guide on setting the default speech rate

Dear listers,

I couldn't find the e-mail address of the Emacspeak User Guide's author, so I'll post here in hope of reaching the person(s) in question.

In the guide there's told how to change the default speech rate in chapter 7.2.1. 

(setq dtk-default-speech-rate 410) (setq outloud-default-speech-rate 90)

This didn't work for me. My system is Redhat 8.0 and Emacspeak 17.0. Instead, I found somewhere on the net the following lines  in .emacspeak to work:

(declare (special 
outloud-default-speech-rate dtk-default-speech-rate))
(setq-default dtk-default-speech-rate 285
outloud-default-speech-rate 95)
(dtk-set-rate tts-default-speech-rate t) 

Perhaps the guide could be updated with this information.

Yours sincerely,
kari Ojala  

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