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reposting my request!

Hi again,

As I didn't receive any answer from the list regarding my request , I would
like to repost my request again. I Really appreciate if T. W. Raman could
give some information on this subject.


The answers of some of you last week helped to advance an important
step in setting up emacspeak. The DECtalk say command worked.
However Emacspeak still does not speak.


1) I use RedHad Linux 8.0 with a sound blaster card (see also appendix 1)
with the DECtalk Linux RT speech sw.

2) The DECtalk speech sw seems to be OK; the say command works

--> example

3) Calling the ttt library from a C program works (details see appendix 2)

4) However loading the library ttt... from within a tcl script (the DECtalk
speech server written by Raman is in tcl) seems to be the problem

the command load ... hangs after printing

Calling tts startup.

to the terminal window.

appendix 3 shows a 8 line tcl script which illustrates this problem.
Installing tcl from scratch (./configure, make, make install) did not help.

- Does anybody have some additional ideas for tests?
- It would be a great help to have a configure script for the DECtalk
speech server.
- What would it involve to write a speech server in C instead of tcl?
- Is there a documentation of the API Emacspeak needs for communicating
with the speech server?
- Would it be an option to switch to Debian from RedHat? Are there
people with a working combination (RedHat 8.0 and DECtalk at all?)



Installation-guides used:

Authors: Jennifer Jobst and James Van Zandt

Author: Nath

Appendix 1:
Selection of sound card

The Compaq desktop I'm using has a built in sound card on the
motherboard. It was recognized by RedHat 8.0 professional edition and
the command play aWaveFile worked.
However the DECtalk Linux RT did produce audible but unintellegibe output.
The solution was to install a Soundblaster card and to deactivate the
internal sound card.
The the 'say' command worked fine.

Appendix 2
Testprogram written in C using the speech libarary

The test program was supplied by Gilles (thank you very much Gilles) and
it worked

compilation with
  gcc -o say5 say5.c -ltts -ltts_us

running with


The program say5 is appended.

Appendix 3
Testprogram in named saytcl written tcl


#set tclTTS $env(EMACSPEAK_DIR)/servers/software-dtk
#load $tclTTS/say.so
load ./tcldtk.so
synth   {[:phoneme arpabet speak on ]
     [:pu s ]
     [:sa c]
     Say TCL is working


The program is called with the library tcldtk.so in the current directory.
give back
: bad command interpreter

calling it with
tcl saytcl

gives back
   calling tts startup

and then it hangs.

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