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You are correct, libtts.so is part of the software dectalk
distribution. If that is the only dependency which is broken, you
should be able to force the install without any problems. 

It would also be a good idea to contact the person responsible for
making the rpm and letting them know their rpm has a dependency on a
commercial product which is an optional part of running emacspeak and
should not be included in the rpms dependencies.

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Hunt <dave.hunt2@verizon.net> writes:

 Dave> Hi, Where can I get this library in an rpm package?  My attempt
 Dave> to install the Emacspeak 18 package shows this as a failed
 Dave> dependency.  I don't have the Dectalk software tts.  Is this
 Dave> library part of it?  If I force rpm to install Emacspeak 18,
 Dave> will this missing library cause problems with other tts engines
 Dave> like Outloud?

 Dave> Thanks,

 Dave> -Dave

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