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GNU Emacs CVS change affects Emacspeak

fset is a true kluge.
Simpley changing the function
in emacspeak is not a good idea either because then it will either
work new or old versions but not both.

The right thing is to check for the presence of the function using

I'm still a bit confused by what function has actually changed.

Please send me a one line message that gives the old name and the new
 >>>>> "Robert" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

    Robert> This morning, I had trouble building Emacspeak from CVS
    Robert> using the
 latest version of GNU Emacs from its CVS
    Robert> respository.  I have fixed
 the bug temporarily in my own
    Robert> installation, but not in the Emacspeak
    Robert> respository.
 This trouble is the result of a change
    Robert> this last weekend in the GNU
 Emacs CVS snapshot.  The
    Robert> bug does not occur when you use older
 versions of GNU
    Robert> Emacs.
 Emacspeak failed to build because
    Robert> update-autoloads-from-directories
 had become a void
    Robert> function.  update-autoloads-from-directories is a
    Robert> function in GNU Emacs on which Emacspeak depends.
    Robert> GNU Emacs change will likely be permanent, so the
    Robert> Emacspeak
 sources will need new code to handle the
    Robert> change.
 I solved the problem temporarily by writing a
    Robert> load command and two
 fset commands at the beginning of
    Robert> emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-autoload.el
 (load "cl")
    Robert> (fset 'update-autoloads-from-directories
    Robert> 'update-directory-autoloads)
    Robert> 'emacspeak-auto-generate-autoloads
    Robert> 'update-directory-autoloads)
 This is not a good
    Robert> permanent change; it is a kludge.
 I think the
    Robert> permanent change will be to rename the functions in
    Robert> Emacspeak.  But my kludge works -- at least for me, this
    Robert> morning.
 Indirectly, I caused this bug.  On Friday, I
    Robert> reported to the Emacs
 developers that the documentation
    Robert> claims that the name in the
 documentation is
    Robert> `update-directory-autoloads' but the defined function
    Robert> name was `update-autoloads-from-directories'.  Emacspeak
    Robert> correctly
 used the function name.
 I made the
    Robert> report; because I don't know much about autoloading, and
    Robert> it
 is so important, I did not make any change, lest I
    Robert> break Emacs.
 Yesterday, RMS renamed
    Robert> update-autoloads-from-directories to
    Robert> update-directory-autoloads, which does not hurt GNU Emacs,
    Robert> but does
 hurt Emacspeak.  Hence the bug.
    Robert> Robert J. Chassell Rattlesnake Enterprises
    Robert> http://www.rattlesnake.com GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    Robert> http://www.teak.cc bob@rattlesnake.com
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