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Re: emacspeak causes gnus not to work

T. V. Raman writes:
 > The recipe for starting emacspeak from one's .emacs has been posted
 > numerous times on this list -- 

On the subject of which, my initialization file (actually a
byte-compiled Emacs Lisp file called from .emacs) says:
(load (concat (getenv "EMACSPEAK_DIR") "/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el"))

The EMACSPEAK_DIR environment variable is set in my .profile file and
points to the CVS version of Emacspeak under my home directory. If
there is ever a problem with this version - not likely given Raman's
skill as a software developer - I can just change the variable to
refer to the "released" version of Emacspeak under /usr/share.

I mention it just in case some experienced Emacspeak users find this
strategy useful.

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