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Re: emacspeak/festival/mbrola

From: "Nickolas Chryssis" <nchry@tee.gr>
Subject: emacspeak/festival/mbrola
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 22:36:09 +0300

nchry> Hi
nchry> I have tested the System and there is no problem.
       Thank you I am very happy of that !
nchry> I would to ask:
nchry> 1. how could I activate the American or French language while running
nchry> emacspeak
       Simply type the command M-x fst-set-language <RET>
       Then type french or english and <RET> once more.
       When switching from french english you could have to
       do it once more because sometimes it does not
       function well (I don't know why but I'll
       try to fix this bug.)
nchry> 2. I would like to try to load the greek language with the system.I
nchry> searched the French language and I think that the franfest.scm file is
nchry> important. How could I create a similar file for the greek language? Is
nchry> there another way to proceed?
       Well the file franfest.scm is not the only one wich is involved
       in the French speaking of Festival. Several
       files of the source have been modified as well that's
       why you must recompile Festival. I did not
       made this part myself and I don't know much of
       that subject. But I know that you must
       implement certain rules specific of
       the language you want to use.

       I'll forward your mail to the person who did
       the work for that part of the system.
nchry> My best regards
nchry> Nickolas
	My best regards


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