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Different voices and menu speaking

Salve together

I'm relatively new to Emacspeak (only a few weeks). Last time I tried a lot 
with Emacspeak but I have still some questions:

1. Is there an easy way to set the standard voice in Emacspeak with DECtalk. 
The default voice is afaik Paul but I would like to hear Betty as standard.
I already searched a lot with Google and read documentation but didn't found 
an easy solution, only source code changing.

2. The normal menu reading is painful. For instance "F equal equal greater 
than File E equal equal greater than Edit etc. so I put the option 
(global-voice-lock-mode t)
into my .emacs file. But strangely the new reading (F <pause> File   E <pause> 
Edit etc.) works with the second selection of the menu (F10) foremost. What 
is there wrong ?

3. Sorry for my perhaps strange english, it's not my mother tongue ,-)

Thanks in advance and thx a lot for your work
Mario Fux aka foxman

PS: Do I make something wrong or is there really quite less documentation for 
DECtalk Linux ?!?

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