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Command for .emacs file to slow down speech rate for DoubleTalksynth.

Greetings.  We're running the following emacspeak on a system running
Redhat linux 9:


We have an external, hardware speech synthesizer, a so-called "DoubleTalk"
device, connected via a serial port.

The thing works well enough, but when we first get into emacspeak, the
speech rate is high enough so that it's completely unintelligible.  We can
set it to a tolerable rate "by hand" by typing, for instance:

	Control-E d 1

We'd like to be able to automate this for each person, e.g., by putting
the equivalent command into the .emacs file.  Unfortunately, we're new at
this, and the commands we've tried have failed to do what we want.  Can
somebody point us in the right direction?  Thanks.

					- Mike
Michael Hannon            mailto:hannon@physics.ucdavis.edu
Dept. of Physics          530.752.4966
University of California  530.752.4717 FAX
Davis, CA 95616-8677

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