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emacspeak not talking (dectalk software)

I have a problem in that I installed emacspeak via the Red Hat up2date 
program. It installed tcl and everything else for me. But then the normal 
installation instructions didn't apply and I am uncertain where to take up 
on them.

I get voice output from the dtk-soft program. It says "Via software 
dectalk, this is emacspeak".  But when I ren emacspeak, I hear nothing.

$ emacspeak -d

But I don't get the process speaker not running message.  Here's what the 
messages buffer says (it looks like it should work):

Loading cl-macs...done
Loading emacspeak...
Loading cl-extra...done
Loading emacspeak...done
Loading /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/sounds/default-8k/\
define-theme.el (source)...done
Loading bytecomp...done
Loading byte-opt...done
   Press C-h C-e to get an   overview of emacspeak  17.0  I am  \
completely operational,  and all my circuits are functioning pe\
Loading font-lock...done

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