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I would also change the line in your makefile refering to gcc-3.0 and
just leave it at gcc.

Finally, you can have problems with the linker finding the extended
tcl library. Due to having different versions available, Debian names
the library with the version number e.g. libtcl8.3.so and
libtclx8.3.so. What I tend to do is make a symbolic link pointing at
libtclx8.3.so called libtclx.so and change the Makefile to link with
tclx e.g. -ltclx. 

I hope some of this helps.


P.S. Why are you running emacspeak 17? Why not upgrade to emacspeak
19? Are you still running emacs 20? If not, go to emacspeak 19. If you
are running emacs 20, consider upgrading to emacs 21.

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Hunt <dave.hunt2@verizon.net> writes:

 Dave> Hello, I'm using tcl8.3 and tclx 8.3.  My listing of all things
 Dave> tcl on this machine, as well as the Makefile I used to build
 Dave> the server, are shown below.  Perhaps I broke something while
 Dave> modifying the Makefile per your instructions, Nath.

 Dave> -Dave

 Dave> dave@debian:~$ dpkg -l |grep tcl ii blt-dev 2.4u-7 Development
 Dave> in blt - a tcl/tk extension libr ii itcl3.1 3.1.0-6 [Incr Tcl]
 Dave> OOP Extension for TCL - Run-Time ii itcl3.1-dev 3.1.0-6 [Incr
 Dave> Tcl] OOP Extension for TCL - Developme ii libpgtcl 7.2.1-2
 Dave> Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.  ii python-extclas
 Dave> 1.2-5 Improves integration between Python and C++ ii tcl8.3
 Dave> 8.3.3-7 The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.3 - Run-T ii
 Dave> tcl8.3-dev 8.3.3-7 The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.3 - Devel
 Dave> ii tclx8.3 8.3.0-8 Extended Tcl (TclX) version 8.3.0 -- TclX ru
 Dave> dave@debian:~$

 Dave> #$Id: Makefile,v 17.0 2002/11/23 01:29:10 raman Exp $ #
 Dave> CFLAGS=-g -fpic -I /usr/include/tcl8.3 CC=gcc-3.0 LIBS=-ltts
 Dave> -ltts_us -ltcl8.3 tcldtk.so: tcldtk.o $(CC) $< $(LIBS) -shared
 Dave> -o $@

 Dave> clean: rm tcldtk.so tcldtk.o

 Dave> Nath writes:
 >> Another idea which comes to me : which version of tcl are you
 >> running ?  To see this you can for example run the following
 >> command and read the results : dpkg -l|grep tcl Then, are you sure
 >> you have properly modified the Makefile according to the version
 >> of tcl you are running ?  when you compile the speech server have
 >> you consulted the output ? You had no errors ?  can you please
 >> send us your modified makefile ?  Thx,

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