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RE: Printing input to dectalk software

By "no success" I mean that the  *speaker* buffer is empty. Nothing appears
in it. I toggled debug, reset the server, opened up a web page, did C-e b,
and then opened up the  *speaker* buffer and it was completely empty.

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Subject: Printing input to dectalk software

Define "no success"?
Toggle debug, then restart the server by hitting c-e c-s you
should find the  thing you're looking for in buffer
>From the onlien documentation:
dtk-toggle-debug is an interactive Lisp function in `dtk-speak'.
It is bound to  control e d b .
(dtk-toggle-debug &optional PREFIX)

Toggle state of the debug FLAG.
When debugging is on, you can switch to the buffer
*speaker* to examine the output from the process
that talks to the speech device by using command C-e d C-M-b.
Note: *speaker* is a hidden buffer, ie it has a leading space in its name.

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel A Galron <galron.3@osu.edu> writes:
    Daniel> Hi, Are there any settings in emacspeak (some sort of
    Daniel> debug settings, for example), that would print the
    Daniel> input to the speech synthesizer from emacspeak
    Daniel> (i.e. print out to the screen all the commands that
    Daniel> emacspeak sends to the dectalk software) in some
    Daniel> buffer? I've searched, but haven't found anything (I
    Daniel> tried using the dtk-toggle-debug with
    Daniel> tts-show-debug-buffer) but with no success.
    Daniel> Thanks, Daniel
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