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Re: strange reading behavior

Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:

> What speech synthesizer are you using?

I am using flite.

> Your example speaks the final element as zi rather than z, which makes
> sense because the two letters xy phonetically make the sound
> zi. 

Boy, don't I feel a bit silly.  That never crossed my mind.  I was just
thinking that it was very odd that it was creating a variable...

> Therefore, I don't think its an error - the problem is the speech
> synthesizer is trying to interpret the two letters as a word, rather
> than as two letters. You could fix this I think by using emacspeaks
> personal pronounciation dictionary (or do what I normally do and learn
> that the letters xy together produce that sound).

This is the option that I will choose.  I need to take a look at the
pronunciation stuff, but this is not the time.

> also, note that your version of emacspeak is getting pretty old. I'm
> using version 22 and if Raman keeps to his normal release cycle, 23
> should be just around the corner!

I should probably start a new thread for this, but...

Yeah, I would like to upgrade, but I have fear.  Before I was blind I
did not mind mucking about with my computer, as I knew that I could fix
things pretty easily.  Now, that is not the case.  If my setup gets
screwed, then I will have to live without my computer until I can get
someone here that can help put it back together.  Since it seems that
the emacspeak package has been orphaned in debian and I am not qualified
to step up to the job, I have a few questions...

1.  Can I do an install of emacs/emacspeak/w3[m]/gnus/etc. under $HOME
    so that if there are problems, I have a fallback?

2. Although it is not the recommended thing to do, I am using the
   emacspeak script to start up.  I looked for the instructions in the
   archive on how to start emacspeak from .emacs, but I could not really
   find anything helpful. Since all I have done in emacs has been with
   precompiled binaries for the distro I was using at the time, I do not
   know how to put things in my .emacs file for startup.  I have taken
   things from the net to do custom stuff, but it has all been pretty
   simple.  My question is this: is there anywhere that I can find a
   useful howto that will help me along with installing and configuring
   emacs and all the other packages that I will need to make the system
   useful for me.  

3.  If all else fails, can I install emacspeak on top of the one that is
    already installed on my box?  After installation, when I upgrade
    will I be able to install over the top of the previously installed
    version?  I guess this is not specifically an emacspeak question,
    but is really an emacs and assorted packages question.

If anyone on the list can help with these questions, great.  If not, it
is no real big deal.  I have a working setup here and I can do pretty
much everything that I need to do.



Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

Are you ever going to do the dishes?  Or will you change your major to biology?

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