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Alsa support for filte and eflite: please test

Hi all,

I have implemented native Alsa support in the flite
library. Unfortunately, I also had to make quite substantial changes
to eflite to make it work with flite when using alsa for audio
playback. I am looking for people whou want to test the new version of
eflite. To make this easy, I provide beside the source code an eflite
i386 binary that is statically linked against flite 1.2 with alsa
support. Everything is available at:


eflite should work as before. When reading very large texts from top
to bottom, this version should require less memory than the
previous. There is also a new command line option "-c" taht allows you
to run the alsa version besides the OSS version (see docs).

The advantage of using alsa is that it allows multiple programs to
access the sound device simultaneously. So, cou can now enable
auditory icons in emacspeak or or play an mp3 file while eflite is

Any feedback is welcome, Lukas

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