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Re: working with Cisco's from misspeak

On Sat, May 06, 2006 at 12:09:14PM +1000, Bart Bunting wrote:
> Just wondering what people are using to configure Cisco routers from within
> emacs?

I just acquired one to run my ADSL connection and networking
at home. Once the software licencing details are sorted out (another story), I
plan to use c-kermit to communicate with it over a serial line. Of course,
after it's configured I will be able to connect via ssh as well.

Try this in Emacs shell mode. If the router sends out terminal escape
sequences, there may be IOS commands you can use to prevent it. For example,
set the number of lines on the terminal to 0 so that it won't use a pager
while displaying output. From what little I have read of the documentation, it
appears that IOS also supports the Kermit protocol for file transfers.

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