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More fun.....

power cycle the dectalk, you probably sent it something it didn't like.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> I got a really interesting problem occur today which has
    Tim> frustrated the hell out of me.
    Tim> I decided to switch to using my dectalk express while I
    Tim> try to work out the problems with ViaVoice. All was
    Tim> going well until all of a sudden, the dectalk is no
    Tim> longer speaking words or lines of text.
    Tim> this is really odd as it still speaks most of the
    Tim> minibuffer commands (though it doesn't speak 'quit' when
    Tim> you hit C-g anymore, but will say "end-of-buffer" when
    Tim> you move to the end of the buffer. Characters are spoken
    Tim> when you move over them, but not words, lines or
    Tim> paragraphs of text. The startup messages are spoken and
    Tim> other bits of text, many of which are multi-word bits of
    Tim> speech.
    Tim> I've checked my cable, I've checked I can get blocks of
    Tim> text to be spoken when running directly from the tcl
    Tim> prompt, I've tried both emacs 21 and 22, I've reverted
    Tim> to older versions of emacspeak, I've even successfully
    Tim> sent a text file to the serial port with cat. I even got
    Tim> so desperate that I rebooted the system (yep, I reverted
    Tim> to Microsoft Windows problem solving approach!). I've
    Tim> checked the serial port settings and they seem to be
    Tim> unchanged and I've verified blocks of text work fine
    Tim> when using Viavoice (apart from the known bug and the
    Tim> fact it crashes ever few words).
    Tim> I've now given up to allow my subconcious to work on the
    Tim> problem over night. I did try to get dtk-debug to work,
    Tim> but there seems to be a problem there which I 'll try to
    Tim> sort out tomorrow.
    Tim> This is a real pain as the dectalk was my backup system
    Tim> I use at work.  Until I get either ViaVoice or the
    Tim> Dectalk to work, I'm pretty much dead in the water. As
    Tim> it is, I'm probably going to have to switch to eflite or
    Tim> speech dispatcher while I get this fixed, which is
    Tim> frustrating. Worse still, I have a mountan of work at
    Tim> the moment, so once I'm back up and running, I probably
    Tim> won't even be able to find the time to fix this for a
    Tim> while.
    Tim> I've also now got to make a decision as to whether I
    Tim> should put the time into getting the dectalk based setup
    Tim> working or the ViaVoice one!
    Tim> I am wondering if it could be something odd with locales
    Tim> - the default for debian these days is to use a UTF8
    Tim> locale. I seem to remember the dectalk can only handle
    Tim> basic ascii - still, it was working fine for a day or so
    Tim> and I've not changed anything on the box. Thats what has
    Tim> me really stumped - I was actually in the middle of
    Tim> reading an e-mail message when it just stopped speaking
    Tim> lines of text.
    Tim> I'm now spiral diving and need to step back from this to
    Tim> clear my head. I guess I should remember that in around
    Tim> 9 years of emacspeak use, this is the first time I've
    Tim> encountered a problem which has pretty much crippled me
    Tim> from using emacspeak. I just know tonight I'm going to
    Tim> have nightmares about learning rediculous Jaws or
    Tim> Window-eyes key combinations and getting frustrated
    Tim> trying to come to grasp windows - an OS which has just
    Tim> never meshed with my way of thinking.
    Tim> This weekend, I'm going to spoil myself with a really
    Tim> nice bottle of red - there has to be some up side to
    Tim> life!
    Tim> Tim
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