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I was wrong [was ViaVoice stability]

I was mistaken in my earlier mail regarding ViaVoice not creating a
/var/opt directory under Debian. I originally thought this must have
been some consequence of having to use Debian's alien package to
install the ViaVoice rpms which resulted in the /var/opt/IBM hierarchy
not been created with the eci.ini file in it. However, as long as you
use the -c switch with alien, you do get the directory hierarchy
together with the eci.ini file. I missed it because the directory
permissions are set so that only root can see the /var/opt directory
and as the locate database is not run as root, it does not show up
with a locate command. 

thanks to Lukas for pointing out my mistake. The really interesting
part of this is that the eci.ini file which comes with the package has
even more additional headers which are not in either the older eci.ini
file bundled with emacspeak or the one you can generate using the
inigen file. At least, this is the case if you have the UK english
version - don't know about the US english version. 

My viavoice is still running with remarkable stability. The one at
work did crash once today, the one at home is still running without a
single crash for days now! 

At this point, life is very good!


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