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Changing pronunciations and saving them.

Hello all,
i have been trying to change pronunciation of a few proper names and
technical terms and getting nowhere.

C-h a pronunciation

made me aware of the command:


So I tried this out, with limited success:

It seems the changes can be applied to a directory, a file or a mode
and one cannot  select `global'. Fine, but to change pronunciation for
LaTeX mode, I had to open a LaTeX file first. The documentation
provided by appropos suggested that I first load persistent
dictionaries. My ~/.emacspeak directory has only a clipboard file, no
Nevertheless, I tried changing interactively and instructed
`Bhatia' to be pronounced `Bhatya' rather than
`Bhashiaa' and when I pressed RET I was asked if pre-existing
dictionaries should be loaded first or not. Pressing `y'
gave the following error message:
emacspeak-pronounce-load-dictionaries: Wrong type argument: stringp,

Pressing `n' did change the pronunciation; but if I closed the file or
opened another LaTeX file the old, incorrect rendering was
restored. Whaat am I doing wrong?



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