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patches for gnus and w3m

Here are the details: 

added a function to downcase the body of the article.  This is useful
for articles that are heavy on the uppercase words, causing them to be
spelled instead of spoken, for example the rss feeds from the National
Weather Service.

This function has been added to the wash map, and is accessible via W

Lots of new functionality here.  Changes are:

The emacspeak-w3m-play-stream, added by Lucas, now has a keybinding.

when jumping to the title in content, bound to "j" by default, the first
execution takes you to the first instance of the title in the document.
Subsequent uses, if there are no other commands in between, will take
you to subsequent instances.

The function emacspeak-w3m-preview-this-buffer has been corrected with
the patch Lucas sent to the list a few days ago.

The function emacspeak-w3m-browse-rss-at-point has been fixed
temporarily.  It works, and a better solution is waiting for the release
of emacs 22.  

The google tools have been added from emacspeak-w3.  Some of these do
_not_ work the same as they do in w3.  The function to extract from the
google cache takes the url from point instead of the current page.  It
seems more likely that one would want to fetch the cached copy of an
unavailable page.  There are now functions that transcode the current
page via google and the one at point as well.

Here are the default keybindings.  I tried to make them as obvious as
possible.  If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to let me

"l" 'emacspeak-w3m-play-stream 
"\C-t" 'emacspeak-w3m-transcode-current-url-via-google
"\M-t" 'emacspeak-w3m-transcode-via-google
"\C-c\C-g" 'emacspeak-w3m-google-on-this-site
"\C-c\C-x" 'emacspeak-w3m-google-extract-from-cache
"\C-c\C-l" 'emacspeak-w3m-google-similar-to-this-page
"\C-c\C-r" 'emacspeak-w3m-browse-rss-at-point

Have fun,



Robert D. Crawford

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