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Looking for a boot disk for the Dectalk PC2

This is a tall order, I know, but I thought it worth a shot to ask:

   Does anyone just happen to still have a bootable DOS floppy with
   the Dectalk PC2 drivers installed?

I'm looking for some way to test the audio output on this card; I have
updated Nick Pitre's old dectalk dtpc driver to Linux 2.4 and
everything about it checks out when I trace the driver actions in printk
... but I get no sound.  DIP switches appear to be correct, each
string posted to the synth is giving proper software results.  There's
just no detectable sound coming out.

Suspiciously, there isn't even a crackling sound when I push the
speaker's mini-phono plug into either output socket, and there should
be at least a crackle as the plug shorts across the output
connections.  And yes, I tested the speaker ;)

This makes me wonder if the audio amp on the card is fried (there's no
visible damage, it's in pretty clean condition considering its age,
but this might explain why the seller doesn't return emails ;)

Because I can't be 100% certain that the DecTalk drivers are being
properly loaded, I would like to test a simple DOS installation, but
all I have are the cmd.exe, dtpc.dic, kernel.sys and the three .exe xt
files; to make a bootdisk, I need the magic CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT incantations.

anyone have an ancient DTPC2 bootdisk hanging around?

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