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emacspeak-gnus. and voice-locking

I've updated emacspeak-gnus.el to use a more succinct notation to
define voice-fonts --- the mechanism has been around for about a
year now, and over time I'm cutting the codebase over to move to

Specifically: the numerous calls to def-voice-font have been
replaced by a single call to voice-setup-add-map --- this
function takes an association list of face and voice names  and
makes the appropriate def-voice-font calls.

I'm sending this out to the list because I myself dont use gnus
heavily at present, so if you find  that the change has
introduced bugs, let me know.

One specific thing to watch for: in the patch submitted by RDC,
many settings were commented out -- in the process of translating
the code, some of these may have become uncommented.

On the positive side, the voice definitions in that module (about
70 in number) are now much  easier to maintain than before.

Best Regards,

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