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issue while testing emacspeak with ibm tts

       I am getting trouble while trying to test emacspeak with viavoice outloud synthiser.
Firstly, i have installed the rpms (the rtk and the voices) than created the eci.ini file and updated my .bashrc.
Secondly, i obtained emacspeak 24.0 and built the viavoice server successfully. I tested it via the tcl interface and everything works ok.
Now, when i try to start emacspeak with -o prefix, or when i do C-e- d-d i cant hear anything and get the message "buffer scratsh has no process".

    For information, the problem occures under debian and fedora core 4. I also tryed downloading the cvs version of emacspeak without success. Am i doing something wrong ?

Thank you for your answer,

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