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Re: freetts on ibook

At the end of the day, you might be better off implementing an
Emacspeak TTS server for the native TTS engine that comes on the
Mac. I'm sure they have C apis -- and binding those into TCL and
writing a tcl script a la outloud might be easier than you might fear.

>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@netbrains.com.au> writes:
    Yvonne> Well, I managed to get emacspeak to find it ok,
    Yvonne> admittedly it was a hack, but it did work. I simply
    Yvonne> created a dummy server that did nothing, and set
    Yvonne> emacspeak to remote connect to the server as soon as
    Yvonne> it started.
    Yvonne> I have no idea, though, why this just didn't work on
    Yvonne> os x. It was either too slow, or there was something
    Yvonne> weird going on with the buffering, because it just
    Yvonne> couldn't read large blocks of text. I don't really
    Yvonne> have any more ideas about what to try next, so for
    Yvonne> now I'm going to duel boot this Mac so I don't have
    Yvonne> to carry two laptops around everywhere.
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