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Re: need a complete emacspeak manual, any URL?

   may be I am missing a url or two, can some one help?

Never use HTML if you can help it.  Because you cannot search from
page to page, HTML is intrinsically less efficient than Info.

Please read the existing manuals that are commonly distributed in
Emacs and Emacspeak.  They are in Texinfo.  The Info output versions
that you want are usually (maybe always) distributed, too.  I have
read them in Info; I know they exist.  Just start at the top of the
Info hierarchy.

If you lack the Info files, please obtain a standard distribution of
Emacs and Emacspeak.  The Texinfo sources should all be there for
everything you want.  As I said, it is likely the Info output versions
are part of the standard distributions, too.  You won't need to
convert the Texinfo sources to Info.

    I also want to know if there is any way I can get emacspeak to
    assist me in coding for c and python.  for example helping me
    complete function names etc in c?

Yes, of course.  Completion has been part of Emacs for more than
twenty years.  (Well, python is less old than completion.)

Please read the documentation and do experiments.

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