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  Subject: really need emacspeak work with festival, help please.

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just found some very interesting features in emacspeak.
I today used emacspeak to hack around with a device driver in the kernel source.
but one thing I feel time and again is that festival is quite better
than flite and eflite when it comes to pronouncing words properly.
and the tone and voice quality is also better.
I have one machine with 128 mb ram and it is happyly running emacspeak
with flite and mbrola voices.
I have another 256 mb machine and both of these computers have 512 mb swap.
now if any one can help me setup emacspeak to talk with festival, I
will be more than obliged.
as I just posted in my previous email, I am thinking of writing
plugins for emacspeak.
kindly help me out to help others.
thanking all.

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