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accessibility considerations before browsing a site with w3m.

hello all,
a couple of hours back I tried to access the ubuntu's ShipIt web site
to order ubuntu CDs for my clients.
the link is
I discovered that w3m could not read the page properly.
I could manage to log in with my username and password.
but after that there was only the first line saying "logged in as
Krishnakant" and then the copy write notice.
I can very well browse the site with internet explorer.  this site is
running on zope and I am sure it was ment to be accessible from within
gnu/linux.  there is no flash animation or any kind of extra ordinary
graphical text.
yet emacspeak and w3m can't read the page.
considering this case history, I will like to know, how do I make such
sites accessible to w3m and emacspeak?
and I still can't figure out how to know if the page has actually been
completely downloaded to the buffer.  I have to only keep on checking
in the buffer, but that is a very odd process.

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