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Re: how to associate documents in emacspeak?

On 22/10/06, Peter Rayner <peter.rayner@cea.fr> wrote:
> the problem is, when you "click" on a file with enter do you want to
> open it for reading or for editing? JFW is assuming for reading while
> emacs is assuming for editing.
exactly.  I am very very sorry that I missed this point.  it means
this is my falt not of emacspeak.
>  If noone else has a solution I will
> look at the dired keymap   and see how to associate enter with the
> browse-url package for html files.  Like everything else in emacs this
> is doable.
very sorry I missed that point.  jfw indeed asumes for reading
probably because when I hit enter it brings up internet explorer.
seams the same thing happens with orca and gnome.
any ways if you can work out the solution, it will be really nice.
I am supposed to give a demonstration of emacspeak at a national
conference and many blind computer users are expected to come who are
hert with the non-free screen readers.
and I always carry an attitude with me that "if some thing is not
working in emacspeak, it is not the tool to be blaimed, it is my
falt".  but I can't force people to have the same attitude.  I want to
be very perfect and professional, but I unfortunately have very few
days to fix the problem and with the given busy schedule on the
aministrator part, I wont be able to do it myself.

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