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Re: Last Call: Debian/Ubuntu Packaging

Dr. Raman -

It would be great if you would maintain an up-to-date Debian package.

Are you planning to become a Debian Developer so you can upload
packages to the repository yourself?  Unfortunately that takes quite a
while.  The process is described at
http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint.  In the mean time, I'm
willing to act as sponsor.

The biggest item on the "todo" list for the emacspeak package is to
use debconf, as described in the debconf-doc package.  The idea behind
debconf is to let the user enter configuration information for a batch
of packages all at once, rather than only as each package is
installed.  The challenge for emacspeak is that we want the user to be
able to choose any of several speech servers contributed by one or
more packages.

You are certainly welcome to use my config and packaging files.  You
can find them in any Debian archive, e.g.

                    - Jim Van Zandt

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