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any one facing recent problem with emacs, vm and gmail?

hello all,
I am doing fine with various aspects of emacspeak and emacs.
I just convinced my young student to try out emacspeak and he wanted
to configure vm as per the tips given by kalyan and many others.
however unlike my machine he could not get any thing working.
I am putting my own configuration here and did exactly the same for my friend.
my .vm looks as follows.
;;-*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-
;; Directory where folders of mail are kept
(setq vm-folder-directory "~/Mail/")
(setq vm-primary-inbox "~/Mail/inbox")
;; where sent mail is stored
(setq mail-archive-file-name "~/Mail/outbox")
;; gmail settings

(setq vm-stunnel-program "/usr/sbin/stunnel")
(setq vm-spool-files '(;"/var/spool/mail/developerm"
I did not copy the file but hand made it at my friend's place so that
he can see the entire process.
Please point out any quots missing or any syntax problem.
next my .msmtprc file is as follows.
account default
auth on
password mypassword
port 587
tls on

I hope it is rightly named as .msmtprc?
I am at his house so no way I can check on my machine.

both these files are in the /home/developer directory.
finally I added this following line to his .emacs file.
(setq sendmail-program "/usr/bin/msmtp)
as I said above for practice and for making him understand I did not
copy any thing from my machine so I may have made any syntax errors in
these 3 files.
I can't see any emails in his ~/mail/inbox folder.
by the way do I need to create the spool file manually?
I can't even send emails out.
please help me help my friend.

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