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emacspeak installation ans starting problem

Hello friends, this is aruni from india. I have just started using the oralux cd and getting a hang of emacspeak. Now I installed ubuntu on my system and tried installing emacspeak by typing
sudo apt-get install emacspeak.
It did download and installed emacspeak but I could not choose the right synthesizer as only dectalk family was listed. I chose dectalk software and as a result I am not able to use emacspeak as I don't have dectalk on my machine. I had to do this because it did not give me any option for using festival or multispeech that is bundled in the oralux cd.
Now when I issue the emacspeak command from the terminal window it opens but only gives a beep no matter what key I pres.
Please let me know what command should I issue so that emacspeak starts speaking. Or do I need to make changes in the installation. Please note that I have just started working in linux and don't have mmuch experience.

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