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Re: Emacs and Festival

On Sun, Dec 31, 2006 at 01:00:34PM +1100, Tim Cross wrote:
> My second choice for a speech server would be the software dectalk
> from fonix. This one only costs about $90US. However, it does have
> some stability problems. I found it regularly died and I'd have to
> keep restarting it with C-e C-s. 

Version 4.64 is reputed to be better. However, the purchasing process on the
Web site required Javascript, so I didn't proceed with it. Also, I'm waiting
for an x86_64 version so I won't have to install 32-bit versions of tcl and
the necessary libraries on my laptop, which was recently "upgraded" from
Gentoo to Debian AMD64.

Software DECTALK 4.61 crashed frequently and some non-expert had evidently
modified the speech parameters in ways that reduced rather than increased the
quality as compared with the DECTALK Express. This, too, was reportedly fixed
after Fonix acquired the software.

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