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This is to announce the mailing list emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu

You've been currently subscribed to this list because you were either
subscribed to the mailing list emacspeak-request@crl.dec.com, or have since
sent me (T. V. Raman) asking about Emacspeak and the mailing list.

The emacspeak mailing list is being revived at this new address.
If you wish to take yourself off this list, please send the list owner
"greg e. priest-dorman" <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu>

I will be releasing emacspeak 4.0 in the next couple of weeks.
The new version supports speech stylesheets in the Emacs w3 WWW browser, and
has many enhancements and improvements that I have added over the last six



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