Slackware package created

I have put together a Slackware style binary package for Emacspeak
4.0, which can be installed using the Slackware utility "pkgtool".  I
have submitted it to Pat Volkerding <volkerdi@wcarchive.cdrom.com>,
and asked him to include it in his next official release.  If you
would appreciate this, it might not hurt to make your feelings known.

In the process of preparing the package, I made some changes to
Makefile so files could be compiled, and then installed in a different
directory.  I planned to upload the revised sources, together with a
binary distribution, to sunsite.unc.edu.  However...

Raman has since told me that he has made yet more changes to
Emacspeak, and would be releasing a new version shortly.  He will also
consider including my Makefile changes.  That means I'll be submitting
an update to Pat probably even before he has a chance to look at the
original one.  That's life.  It also means I will hold off uploading
anything to sunsite for a bit longer.

                               - Jim Van Zandt