5.0 "make install" bug and fix

I noticed something in the latest release that does not quite work as
described in the Makefile, but don't wory it's easy to fix.

For may people this will not even matter as I suspect most users run
emacspeak out of the source directory (the directory that emacspeak in
untar'ed in and made from), but if you, like me have a laptop with
minimum amount of hard disk space, or are installing emacspeak for
system wide use and so use "make install" to install emacspeak, read

Make ignores the prefix directive.  It uses "/usr" for the prefix no
mater what you type after "make".  So "make install" wants to install
in to /usr/bin, /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp and /usr/info even if you
specify "make prefix=/usr/local" every step of the way.


You have to edit one line of the file Makefile.  On line 130 you will

PREFIX = /usr

Just change it to what you want (in my case /usr/local):

PREFIX = /usr/local

Save the file, now when you run make it will work as desired.

Again, if you plan to run from the source directory (the directory
you did the make in) you don't have to wory, this will not effect you.

Hope this helps,

Greg Priest-Dorman