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1) Setting speech rate globally.

When emacspeak is running, C-e d r will prompt for a speech rate and set that
for the current buffer.
To make the setting global, precede the command with C-u --ie C-u C-e d r will
set the rate globally. Many emacspeak setting commands behave similarly; ie
settings are typically buffer local unless preceded by C-u (in emacs parlans
this is called prefix arg)

Such a question would be definitely appropriate for the emacspeak mailing
list; it would help others out as well.
(I'm copying the emacspeak list on my reply.)

If you want emacspeak to always start up with a default rate, then you can do
this by putting the following in your .emacs:
;;; personal emacspeak settings 
(add-hook  'emacspeak-startup-hook
(function (lambda ()
(dtk-set-rate 300); or whatever you want
;;;add other personal settings here 

The above is adding a function to emacspeak-startup-hook that tells it to set
speech rate to what you want at startup.
You can add other personal emacspeak settings to the body of the function

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