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Emacspeak Portability

Hi Ed,

Emacspeak is written entirely in  emacs-lisp, and this is common among all
platforms that run emacs.  Emacspeak uses the advice facility in emacs19, and
this is bug-free as of emacs-19.23, so emacspeak will work without problems on
versions of GNU FSF Emacs after 19.23

The Dectalk driver that Emacspeak uses is written in tclX, extended
TCL. Extended TCL, like TCL is free and available for several unixes.

So portability of emacspeak is quite good.

I've been using/developing emacspeak on my DecAlpha running OSF, and my laptop
running Linux. I suspect that emacspeak will run out of the box on platforms
like the Sun.



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