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Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1997 13:11:12 -0800 
From: dcollins@bbs.gbx.org
Subject: Blind Access to Symbolic Math
To: priestdo@cs.vassar.edu

Dear Greg,
   My name is Dan Collins.  I am part of a group here in Davis, Ca. that
is wondering about the possability of developing a system that would
enable blind access to symbolic math printed on hardcopy or displayed in
a WYSIWYG type format.  This is a formidable problem which is probably
why it has been only rarely attempted;  I am only aware of T. V. Raman's
work in this area (Aster?).  Nonetheless, we are interested in any
information that subscribers to your emacspeak mailing list may be able
to provide.  We would appreciate any responses on this subject from your
subscribers;  they may respond to the e-mail address: dcollins@gbx.org.
   Let me thank you ahead of time for your help in this research.
Dan Collins
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