Eterm doesn't seem to speak.

Hi Noel--

The question you ask is fairly common --which is why I am copying the
Emacspeak list.

Incidentally, I dont recognize your name from that list; you may wish to
subscribe in order to stay informed about emacspeak (send mail to the list
owner --not me-- to join
"greg e. priest-dorman" <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu>)

When eterm starts up it is in "character mode" -behaves exactly like a
terminal and emacspeak is intentionally set up to only speak the finally
displayed line.
Otherwise you'll simply hear too much speech when using screen oriented
programs like vi or pine.
If you do wish to hear the output of commands like ls spoken, switch to
terminal line mode (C-c C-j)
and things like ls will talk the way you expect.
Note that to run vi and such you should put eterm back in character mode.
Nolan J. Darilek writes:
 > Hello, I appologise if this question has been asked many times, but I'm 
 > experiencing a problem with Eterm.
 > I launch Eterm and run Bash, but whenever I type any command to my 
 > console, none of its output is spoken. For example, if I type ls, the 
 > only speech I receive is 'bash$,' or something similar.
 > Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? I'm also curious, is it 
 > possible to run applications such as minicom and pico under Eterm? Thank 
 > you for your time.

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