Process speaker not running?

Steve Holmes writes:
 > Why am I getting this?  I am attempting unsuccessfully to use
 You are getting "process speaker not running"
 because your driver is not running.

 If you are writing a driver,

 1) Make sure the driver runs before you start emacspeak ie run the
 driver by itself.

 2) Make sure your environment variables are set up right to use your
 new driver.

 3) If you are past steps 1 and 2,
 then we can follow this up further.
 > 5.0 on my linux box.  I do not own a dectalk so am trying to build a
 > driver for the Speakout from GW Micro.  When I test it using TCL or when I
 > attempt to use a C program modled after Jim Van Zant's d-exp program, I
 > get reasonable results; more work is yet required but at least they more
 > less work.  When I try to load up emacspeak, I keep getting the message
 > "Process speaker not running".  After that, I cannot get out of emacs no
 > matter what I do.  I usually end up rebooting the system.  Jim told me
 > recently I could do a c-e followed by a c-s but that doesn't appear to do
 > me any good subsequent key strokes give me the same damn old thing.  I
 > have set DTK_PROGRAM to my replacement module for the speakout correctly
 > in the environment but still to no avail.  I am running out of luck and
 > patience with this bloody thing.  It sounds so simple but I can't get any
 > thing worthwhile out of it thus far.  I suppose if I had a dectalk all
 > this would be moot.  We need compatability to other synthesisers and I
 > want to do my part but not having good luck so far.
 > Can anyone help me out? Jim Van Zant has been a good help so far, but I
 > think I might need more:).
 > Thanks in advance,
 > <Steve> Holmes

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