Re: Process speaker not running?

I mentioned in an earlier message about the environment variables and they
were as I had intended.  For some reason the only time I could get it to
work is when I specifically set the DTK_PROGRAM variable to dtk-exp -
anything else would cause the error described previously.

About the consoles, I realize I could do that, but then I don't have any
speech.  I suppose I could have redirected the output to the synth? <hmmm>

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Greg E. Priest-Dorman wrote:

> a few ideas:
> first, to kill a running process, you do not need to reboot.
> under lynux, you can go to another virtual terminal using the
> alt+function keys, so if you login, start emacpeak and it will not let
> you out, press alt+F2 and you will see a login prompt. Login, and do
> ps (see man ps for details).  Once you know the process number you can
> kill the offending process.  If you are runing X under linux you will
> need to press CNTL + ALT + F2 to switch to number 2.
> Ok, that should make experimenting easyer.  So now let's see why it's
> not seeing your new driver.  How have you told emacpeak about this new
> driver?  Convince me that emacspeak is still not looking for the
> dtk-exp and just not finding it.  I switch between running a multivoice
> locally and an express remotely on my machine (depending on weather I
> am at home, "on the go" or at my desk (well realy "on my floor" would be
> more accurate) at work.  So I have had to deal with getting emacspeak
> to see the correct driver / hardware combination.  I do this by
> setting the  DTK_PORT and DTK_PROGRAM variables based on where I am
> logging in from.  If I recal Raman had an alternate solution.
> Anyway, prior to starting emacspeak have you set these variables (with
> setenv or set depending ou your shell)?  If not, try that.
> Good luck,
> Greg Priest-Dorman