w3 3.0.82 and emacspeak

Hi Greg--

Re: your problem with undefined function emacspeak-widget-at--
Function emacspeak-widget-at is the same as function widget-at and
will therefore eventually go away.

However this said, the fact that you hit this problem indicates that
  with the new W3 emacspeak-widget.el is not loading

For now I suggest you load emacspeak-widget.el explicitly.
Alternatively, see below for the real fix--

The reason emacspeak-widget is not loading automatically with w3
3.0.82 is that
emacspeak 5.0 loads emacspeak-widget.el whenever widget-edit is
A few weeks ago, the name of that module widget-edit changed to
and the emacspeak autoloading magic is no longer working for you.

The true fix (in for emacspeak 6)
is to change "widget-edit"
to "wid-edit" in emacspeak.el--
if you do this and type make again everything should be okay again.

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